My name is Jennifer.  I must say I have led an interesting life.  At the end of my time here on this earth I know I will be able to say, “I loved huge.  I lived full.  I survived.  I healed.  I triumphed.  I fell.  I lost.  I won.  I was rescued.  I’ve been hated and been loved.  I have been fought for.  I called many do-overs.  I WOULD choose to do it all again.”  Some people describe my story as a journey of healing.  I believe it has just been the story of life.  We all try to live in this comfortable safe place.  I do not believe we were created for safe.  I believe God had much more adventure in mind. 

I am looking forward to sharing some of those adventures here.  Some of them are wonderful.  Some of them are tragic.  But at the end of every day I am still Jennifer.  I am exactly who I was created to be. 

See you soon.