Do you know who you are?  Really?  How many of us have stopped life enough to ask God the question, “Who do You say I am?”  “How do You feel about me?”

Terrifying I know.  No wonder we dont take the time to stop and ask.  Then there is the hurdle of stopping to listen to the answer.  Finally, the last stretch is to actually believe what you hear God say about you.  It will sound too good to be true….because it is.  It isnt anything that we are used to hearing.  It will be what you look like through the eyes of unconditional love.  That is not a view of ourselves we are used to in this fallen world.

Something miraculous takes place on a deep level when you hear from the One who created you for relationship, how much you mean to Him.  Your worth then comes from somewhere that can not be challenged.  It doesnt have anything to do with what you can do or what you have done.  Nor is it measured to a deficit about your lack.  It is there because you are loved and cherished by a Creator who desires to be near you.

So….now what?  Time to pull out the calenders and carve out some time.  I call it going out on a date with God.  You know, He is just waiting for you to ask Him.  I would love to hear from you about what you hear.    I encourage you to share it with someone you trust.  Someone who will remind you of what God said when it gets hard to remember or believe it.

He met me here and spoke to me one day.  He reminded me that after all I have been through, that’s been done to me, or I did to myself….that I am still Jennifer.  The one He created because He desires to be near to me.  I was created for relationship.  So were you.