This is a hard one to believe at times especially where marriage is concerned.  “We both have the same enemy?” It is irritating how simple the truth is yet how complex it is to default to that truth.  There definitely is an enemy at work, but it is not each other.

How hard has the enemy worked to distract you from that truth?  How many times has he hidden in the shadows while you or your spouse stand holding the instrument that seemed to cause the wound or damage in the relationship?

The enemy will take you out to get to your spouse.  He already has.

Now, let’s keep wrapping our brains around this because it will take a while.  Jesus gave us the ultimate example of how we all have the same enemy.  He was beaten to near death at the manipulations of the religious.  While He is hanging there suffering getting ready to die He starts to pray for us….those who hung Him there.  He says, “Forgive them Father they know not what they do.”  Then He lays His life down for (us) His bride.  He still chooses to be married.  He still chooses to see us for who we really are and He is fighting our enemy.  “Our” meaning, His and ours.  We all have the same enemy and it is not each other

Let’s just let that marrinade for a little while.  The bible holds supernatural truth.  It takes us a bit to wrap our natural brains and understandings to catch up or catch hold.  It is a truth we must choose and fight for.  We will continue going deeper into this next time.

*Now I am in no way advocating a dangerous or domestic violent situation.  Just making sure we are totally on the same page.  Please seek the help of your church (but sometimes they wont/cant help you), or go to your local authorities.*

I am blessed to have a husband who has chosen to fight against “our” enemy and not me.  He chooses to see the truer things about me.  He knows that I am still Jennifer and loves me past my wounds, past my hormonal issues and even past all my weaknesses.