Do you believe there is an enemy?  This could be a great question?  It was definitely a turning point for me when I acknowledged the fact that there is an enemy who is out to destroy me.  Of course, it helps that Peter says it 1 Peter 5:8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

I know some of us are worried about going so far that everything everywhere is the enemy wanting to destroy you at any given moment.  It is kind of like a pendulum swing.  Once it is too far on one side it then it swings way to the other  until it finally settles down into the middle.  I believe God disrupts us when we are too far from what He had in mind for us.  So He brings revelation or understanding that then releases that pendulum effect.  It swings way over to the other side.  As we begin to apply this new understanding and start to practice walking in it, we even out to the place He intended for us to land.  His grace is big enough to cover us while we figure it out.  Kind of like watching a toddler first learn how to use their legs.  So funky and awkward at first.  I know it didn’t take our oldest son long to figure out that walking was just the beginning.  He went straight to running, jumping and climbing.

I know I should be posting so many more scriptures to “back up” what I am saying.  But seriously, from Genesis to Revelation our enemy is actively in pursuit of stealing our identities, tricking us into destroying each other, manipulating us to mistrust God’s heart for us and literally is in the form of a dragon out to destroy all in the end.  If you come up with something in the bible that says otherwise you can let me know.