How are you doing?  Have you had your date with God?  Did you ask Him how He sees you?  Who does He say you are?  Then did you listen?  Did you get to see what you look like through the eyes of unconditional love?

How are you doing considering that we all have the same enemy?  This is for siblings, parent/child, marriage, coworkers and extended family.  So many relationships the enemy is stealing from you.

How are you doing just considering that there is an enemy?

Are you stuck on one end of the pendulum swing?  What is God disrupting for you right now?

Do you know what your own warfare is, or looks like?  Are you taking responsibility for your own wounds?

Are you really trusting God or have you overtaken the pen and are now writing your own story?  Is your peace and your strength coming from your own hand?

Have you taken on the offenses of others?  Again, reconsidering the fact that we all have the same enemy?  What does that look like in your life?

It was time to just check in.  It’s been two weeks since my last blog.  I have had an interesting two weeks to boot.  But I am still Jennifer and I am trying everyday to live up to my purpose for being here.  To be God’s friend, daughter, sister, clay, creation, or bride is not easy because it is opposed.  Believing the reality of my truth is so contrary to what I see in the mirror or understand in my fallen nature thinking.