I almost hit a squirrel today.  I had time to mostly stop without causing the person behind me much inconvenience.  To my surprise the person behind me definitely had their “undies in a bunch” about me slowing down for the squirrel.  The squirrel was super fast so it really wasn’t a long thing.

It really made me stop and realize how much we take life for granted.  I don’t ever want to become the person who was behind me who appeared (I know I do not know their situation) to have little regard for that life today.  It got me started thinking on all the wonder and amazement around us.  God created life so intricately.  Animals are fashioned with insticts and communications all their own.  Then you look at us.  We have the ability to feel and share emotions.  Emotions were not created to take us out.  They are part of us because we are created in God’s image.  He is a God who is willing to feel the ache for His children as they choose to live like they are less than what they are worth.  He chooses to feel the sting of rejection and betrayal as His Bride chooses another lover over Him.  Even down to the simpler relationship of servant and master.  Having us speak out (even with our actions) against Him as though He is a tyrant.

The invitation from God to really engage our hearts and choose to feel is always present.  To choose to trust Him that His heart and intentions are good for us is always an option.  To choose to take those feelings to Him and actually need Him is His deepest desire.  He wants to be what makes the difference in our lives.

It all just made me stop and consider all that we take for granted.  I do not want to take life, the fact that I can feel and definitely not my God and His heart for me, for granted.