I have been out of town for a while.  Just wanted to do a quick post and remind us all to do one thing for our hearts today.  Everyday would be ideal but lets just take baby steps.  It is sad to see people I havent seen in a while tell me how amazing I look.  I mean ….. that part is great but I’ve been looking back at pics of me and such.  I realize how last on my list I still was with my physical self.  My heart was good but still at war with my physical body.  I am by no means anywhere near where I want to be yet but I am on that road.  My heart and my body are starting to match up a little bit better.  I had to choose to do something little for my heart everyday.  Once I got in a pattern of walking in that and living there I have been able to also do something little for my body everyday too.  It was cool to see it shining through.  Thank you to all my friends and even the strangers who noticed and shared that with me.  It was/is extremely encouraging.  Well I finished tending to my heart now Im going to go tend to my body.

Be encouraged.  I may still be Jennifer but today I am closer to the fullness of life that I was meant for.