Remember the very beginning of our story? We are created in God’s image.  Man and woman He created them.

I keep running into so many women who are restless in their lives.  When we get restless we tend to entertain ideas of moving or remodeling our households, starting a new business or career, having another baby, or getting a new pet.  While none of these things are bad things, matter of fact all of them are wonderful things.  Have you ever considered that something deeper is taking place?

One of the characteristics we share with God is that we are life givers.  After all we are created in His image.  We are just like our “Dad”.  It is our very nature to want to “give birth” to something.  The reason I bring this up is to avoid us taking our godly design to a place God is not necessarily calling us to in that moment.  We have to take the time to identify what is stirring in us.  Then evaluate it, take it to God and ask Him about it.  I try to always take it a step further.  I know myself and those desires are super strong.  They are designed to be strong enough to help us carry out what we have birthed to the letting go stage.  So I ask my husband as well.  Now don’t make the same mistake I usually make.  I take it to my husband because I really need someone with their feet on the ground to bounce my new and wonderful idea off.  But then I don’t listen to his advice, or his cautions.  Then I end up over booking myself in life.  At that point there is not time to nurture (the way I had intended) the very things I have just given birth to.  I end up even further down my own priority list to last.  There is no time for me to tend to my heart.  I get so frustrated because the very thing I wanted to birth I have very little energy and emotions left for nurturing it.  It is really hard to tend to others when your own heart is not being taken care of.  It doesn’t flow out of you when it is depleted.

All that leads to frustration, then to the fact that I am failing, which leads me to striving and striving.  Frustration, failing and striving are as attractive as a drowning victim.  Of course you would like to be able to save them but you know if you get in the water with them you are going under right along side them.  At that point it’s best to try and help from the shore.

If I am not tending to and nurturing my own heart daily then my marriage, my kids, my business, household, friends, family, church and even community all end up suffering from it.  The reality is none of those people who were meant to experience God the way I was meant to reflect Him are going to receive the fullness of what God had intended for all of us.

So much like the fall we are still doing it.  We are taking matters into our own hands.  If Eve had just taken her restlessness to God to ask Him “Hey God what do you have in mind for me in this feeling or need?  I trust that your heart for me is good so what’s up with this ‘keeping things from me’ the snake is talking about?”  We would all be in a different space.  I feel that way about my family and household.  If I acted on all of my restlessness, or questioning what God has for me we would have 10 kids, 10 houses, 10 marriages and/or 100 pets!  Seriously, I have really had to evaluate this and take it to God so that I am not taking matters out of His hands and into my own.  My need to “give birth” to something and be a nurturer of life is so very strong.  It has to be in order to help us fulfill that newly birthed thing to the letting go stage.  I understand the design.  I met a gal recently who has two in diapers.  She is feeling lost and overwhelmed.  She doesn’t know who she really is and is feeling distant in her marriage with her husband.  Her bright idea is that it feels like it is time to try for another baby.  When she is pregnant she is on his radar.  When she is pregnant she is on other peoples’ radar.  This is not the way to go about tending to your own heart.   This is not the way to put yourself first on the list for 9 months only.

So before you decide to have another baby, get a different man or become a cat lady with 100 cats please try to connect with the deeper characteristics you have in common with the God you were created to be like.  Consider your design then take that to your designer and ask Him.  He is good.  He will show you something about yourself through all of it.  Then you can go into your next adventure with your heart fully intact remembering that it is first on your list to be all that you were meant to be for the new chapter of life you are going into.  So you have what it takes to nurture the very things you are called to give birth to.

I am still Jennifer and have survived many restless moments, even though we picked up a few cats along the way.  Many of those moments were actually designed to help me get back to a place where I was tending to my heart.  I can “give birth” to a new painting, a new blog, a new herb pot, or celebrating a new season of Jennifer.  It is amazing the feedback and enjoyment of friends and family when I “give birth” to a new season of tending to my heart and what that looks like.  It is similar to enjoying the different seasons of the year.   I have more flowing from me to enjoy.  There is more flowing from me to give and share.  Then we are all flowing in the fullness of what God intended for us.

If you are restless please consider God may be stirring in you the necessity to tend to a new season of the nurturing of your own heart.

Peace to you!