I am getting so angry.  I hate to hear so many woman talking about experiencing shame about looking good or feeling good.  In Jennifer’s words….”shining!”  We were created to shine!  We were created to be beautiful.  We were created to reflect the beauty of a beautiful God.  I know there are alot of teachings out there saying if you are shining God’s beauty then it should be “only” from the inside out.  I think the “only” is a bunch of hooey!  Yes we should be shining God from the inside out but that does not exclude our outer beauty.

I can guarantee you when God gave Adam his Eve gift she wasn’t wearing any giftwrap.  Nor was he only looking at her eyes to experience God’s beauty being reflected through her from the inside out.  At least not “only” her eyes.  Part of the reason (now don’t go taking this out of context) we were created exactly the way we were is because there was beauty all around Adam but none of it he could physically connect with.  There was an intimacy he was designed to experience.  A oneness that would be a reflection of the intimacy God wants to have with us.  He wants to be our one and only God the way we are intimate and give ourselves to our one and only.  Men are way more physically relational than we are.  We are much more emotionally and relationship relational than they are.  I just want to break the lie that we have to tone ourselves down in order to be godly.  I believe that we are not walking in the fullness of who God created us to be if we are not willing to shine.

Sometimes when we shine (like in the blog Gossip….. ) it can cause others, women and men to react in a way that can make you want to not shine anymore.  It can make you feel shame for shining.  Both men and women can experience jealousy in the presence of a shining woman (depending on what’s going on in their hearts).  I have had to deal with both men and women coming on to me as well (just being confused as to what they are attracted to).  I used to feel responsible for causing others to stumble.  Now I believe you should not cause another to stumble, don’t get me wrong.  But what I am talking about is almost like a false humility if that makes any sense.  My enemy would use my good heart for others to cause me to take responsibility for their actions.  Then from there shut myself down.   I wasn’t exactly sure how to navigate through.  God is telling me to shine but when I do I get unwanted responses from not just the normal public but from my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I found so much freedom that day God gave me permisson to SHINE!  He resurrected an old sunday school song “This Little Light of Mine ”  The part of the song that says, ” Hide it under a bushel….no….I’m going to let it shine”.  God spoke to me and said, “the light in this song Jennifer is Me.  When you choose to hide and withdraw then the world does not get to experience Me the way I created you to reflect/shine Me.  I created you in My image for a reason.”

So I began to walk in that.  I began to shine.  Regardless of what others chose to do I was not going to hide God in me.  I experienced lots of different forms of jealousy and gossip from both men and women.  I even got hit on by both men and women.  But God reminded me through all of that, that I was not responsible for their responses.  He didn’t just leave them there either.  He keep reminding me that we all have the same enemy (like blog….You both have the same enemy ) and it isn’t each other.  He rescued me to look past the person and what they were choosing right then to making my battle about the principalities and powers behind it.  When I would find myself in the part of the song that says….Dont let Satan …….. whooosh it out…..I would keep in mind I was to disarm my enemy (principalities and powers) thus rescuing the person (flesh and blood).  It looked different depending on the situation.  One example of the jealousy is in the blog Gossip….  The others had to do with either men or women finding me attractive.  Well I am sorry but they should.  If I am reflecting the essence of the beauty of God then I am going to be attractive.  I am by no means thin.  So it isn’t about that, it was really about them being attracted to what is coming out of me from the inside out.  I actually have had more trouble with the mix up of internal beauty and attraction from both sexes than you would ever guess.  It is awesome to be able to not withdraw.  To be able to approach them with the intent of God’s heart for them.  There is usually not a problem after that.  If there is then I just call it out for what it is.  It is God who is whooing them and trying to get their attention.  I have only once had an issue after that conversation.  At that point it was very nice to have my husband around.

I think beauty can be dangerous if your heart is not in the right place.  If you are so far into your beauty that you get your life, worth and purpose from it, then we need a whole other blog for that.  If you get your core validation and who you are from God thenLet it Shine…..Let it Shine……Let it Shine!

BTW ladies — no more of this competition thing.  If a woman is shining tell her she is beautiful.  Help her to shine.  She is daring to be all that God has called her to be.  Bask in and celebrate God’s beauty in her. 

Jealousy is so very unbecoming and God is not in it.