My heart is aching today more than usual.  I feel like I have spent time interceding for people most of my life.  It is one of the things I was fashioned and designed to do in this world.  I go to the Holy Spirit and just ask…”how would you have me pray?”  Then no matter what it is or for whom it may be I know I’ll pray for the right things.  I want to pray beyond my own human understanding.  I want to pray in the Spirit.

So for the past few weeks I have been interceding on the behalf of God.  It was definitely weird and something I had never done before.  God as my/our Father, God as my/our Creator, Jesus as my/our Savior, Jesus as my/our Lord/King and so on….long list of course as the Spirit has led me.  I came to the place a few weeks ago in my prayer time for/about God and felt like I had just been asked a question even though there weren’t any words.  The unspoken question was “do you want your husband to keep his vows to you because he is being obedient to those vows he made to you?  Or do you want him to keep his vows because he is ‘in love’ with you?”

I knew in that instant that same ache is in God’s heart.  The invitation to an intimate relationship isn’t just out of obedience.  He wants us to be “in love” with Him.  He wants us to worship because we are “in love” with Him.  He wants us to feed the hungry because we are “in love” with Him.  He wants us to save the lost because we are “in love” with Him.  He longs for us to give ourselves to Him ONLY like we do to our spouses.  He wants to be our ONE and ONLY God/Savior/King/Lover.  And not just out of obedience but because we are “in love.”

Just a head’s up….I don’t care if you agree or not with how I ended up here at this understanding.  If you are concerned with that then you are soooooooooooooooo missing the point.  I want to know what it is like to really be “in love” with a God who loves me as much as ours does.  I want that for you too.  I believe with every part of myself that He does too.  Don’t miss out on such a splendid invitation because you are distracted by the order or desires of man, or temporary things.