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This a reply from the last blog (An Invitaion……) on a discussion page from another site and she offered the perfect intro into the this next blog.  Her response was:

Such a great word, Jenn!

What comes to mind for me is the last chapter of the gospel of John, where Jesus asks Peter three times if Peter loves him. It all kind of sums up with Jesus saying, “follow me.” But what struck me about the passage when I just looked at it, was that Jesus wasn’t speaking in a metaphorical or abstract sense – he was walking and he wanted Peter to literally follow him, to walk with him. I imagine Peter walking with Jesus and I don’t think he kept his distance. I think he was probably right in step with Jesus. And on some level, I imagine, the Peter knows that this is it for him.There is no thing that will ever eclipse what Jesus meant to him. I would say that in this moment, Peter is finally in love with Jesus, willing to stay close to him, even though he now knows that means following his footsteps to a cross.

Yes!  I love that picture in John with Peter and Jesus.  I believe you are right with Peter finally getting it and being “in love”.

So let’s take it even one more step further.  Jesus asking Peter to walk with him Be with me Peter, in this time, I need you!”  God’s ache and Jesus’ humanity and ache are just moving to the forefront of my radar.  My intercession times were usually listening to the Holy Spirit about others and what they needed.  But lately I am moved to listen to the Spirit about God and what He needs/desires.  And now I am praying for the Holy Spirit to minister to God’s heart.  Such a different and sobering place for me.

I remember the first time I read Wild At Heart and I felt so selfish in my relationship with my husband and even my boys.  I did not know they needed to be loved the way they do.  They are designed differently than us.  That is how I feel everytime I miss  God’s heart in life.  I forget to pay attention to what He needs.  His creation of us was for relationship.  But not a one-sided affair.  He knew we were going to need the potter/clay relationship, the servant/master, the brother/sister, the Father/child, and the Bridegroom/bride relationship.   But we tend to stop there and miss the fact that the relationship is two-way.  That if we need/ache for it, being created in His image, He aches, desires and NEEDS us in that way for His heart and His design.

So yes you are on the right track.  Keep letting this unfold.  I know that as I learned how to love my husband my marriage deepened and became so much richer.  As we learn how God wants to be loved our marriage with Him will be so much deeper, richer and can be more in sync.  I know I do not want to miss God’s heart while I selfishly approach Him about mine.