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We can not forget to take care of our physical human bodies.  If you are overwhelmed in life the simplest thing you can do is drink enough water.  I am not talking about water-like substances.  I am talking about water.

I know it is the simplest thing we can do but is the hardest thing to remember.  Our very design is approximately 76% water.  If we are not tending to that much of our mass we are headed for more pain, more stress and/or the inability to deal with stress, dehydration (which leads to all kinds of other symptoms), irritability and so on.

I have found that when I pay attention to my water intake, again the simplest thing I can do in a day, that I am less cranky with my husband, my kids, traffic and all the people I come in contact with.  I do not get headaches or run out of energy quickly.

So I always look to God for examples.  I think the ocean is the perfect example.  It is breathing life into our world.  If the life in our oceans die then we will start to die as a planet.  We are Jesus’ example of life on this planet.  The people around us need to be experiencing life and freedom in us, even physically.

I know even on a super busy day I can at least tend to 76% of my physical self and have a possitive effect on all the rest of me.   Happy drinking!