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Sometimes I think we try too hard.  It can get so difficult especially when we get distracted from the simple truths.

God’s grace is BIG enough to cover our mistakes.  Even when we have lost to that temptation, or that battle for the moment.

In our experience when we counsel people we really turn our focus from the symptoms to the deep root real issues.  There is always a thread.  It can stem way back in our story.

I have to say that everytime I can recall, whether in our own story or someone else’s, it usually boils down to two things.

First the stem leads us to an identity crisis.  We get tripped up about who we really are to God and who He really is to us.

Second is recognizing there is usually a Godly design or desire that gets taken to an ungodly place.  We then tend to throw the whole thing out because of where we end up.  But because we are in an identity crisis we are not confident enough to look for God in all of it. If we seek Him with our whole hearts we will find Him.  Seek is an intentional move.  Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart;  do not depend on your own understanding.  So where would He be in all this…whatever that may be?

The questions I have learned to ask myself are:

Right now do I believe that God’s heart is for me and not against me?

He created me in His image and said it is good so where did I veer off into the ditch? (then I can start to pay more attention-thus less tow trucks)  Where did I let the enemy twist God’s design in me so that I took it to an ungodly place?

Do I believe right now that my heart is good and that I have been made new in Christ?  We tend to think that just because we screwed up or landed in a ditch that our heart is not good anymore.  That’s a bunch of hooey!  Our identity was changed because of His actions (His purchase) not by ours.  Where is our faith?

So lastly…..what identity was I walking in when (whatever) happened?  Did I forget that I am a Son/Daughter of the King, or a Bride, or even freaking clay (we have the freedom to just be clay—its called grace)?  So many things we are to God and they are all personal, relational and beautiful when you look at those relationships.  If I forget and end up believing I was anything less than any of those things to Him then I was believing a lie.  So fix it.  Go to the truth.  If you can not find it then ask Him.

I hate to make these things sound so simple….but they are!  Simple but mighty.  Simple but weighty.  That is why the enemy’s tactics are distraction, distortion and pervertion.

I am not trying to say that I get it right all the time. I’m so far from it.   But in peeling back all the crap it really boils down to a few simple truths.  Truth vs a lie ….. is the oldest tactic of our enemy.