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I wanted to revisit a post from March for a minute.  Today I am just fuming at the enemy stealing from our relationships.  I know in my own marriage I was left standing there holding the very instrument that was causing the wounds and damage while “our” enemy hid in the shadows.  It is so important for us to not lose sight of those simple truths.  It is irritating how simple these truths really are.   But why cant we see it in the moment?

I have a theory.  At least this is how I see it taking place.  If the enemy wants to distract us from the truth and from peace then he is going to have to create chaos, urgency, pain and misunderstanding.  So many times I think he kicks us in the face so-to-speak.  It creates pain and chaos instantly.  Your eyes tear and you are not exactly sure where the blow came from.  There is an urgency to deal with the blood gushing from your face and it places you instantly in a self-protective mode.  As you are able to focus again the enemy is nowhere but your spouse, parent, child, best friend, sibling etc is the one standing there (it is going to hit you in a relational place).  Our enemy wants us to blame each other and cause division.

The pain aspect causes a reaction of blame.  “Who is to blame for this?”  Did you know we can not even have a car accident anymore?  Insurance companies and lawyers have to have someone to blame because someone must pay for the circumstances.  The gal that rearended me was at fault.  She was so worked up over her own blame I had to keep telling her it was an “accident”.  Accidents can happen.  They aren’t vicious and intentional.  If you are blaming someone then you are in a self protective stance and you can not trust anyone in that place.  In turn it ruins the chance for good relationship to take place.

So in order to be able to fight back at the real issues you have to be able to break down what the real issues are.  If you go into a kung fu match you better have taken a few kung fu classes so you can counter your opponents moves.  You do that by learning how they fight.  Well this is a little lesson in warfare.  You have to begin to learn how the enemy works and what his tactics are.  What is he really aiming at in your situation?  He could have taken just me out and had, but he wasnt aiming just for me, he wanted my kids and my husband to go down too.  Not only that but he wanted their wounds to come from me.

In its simplest form, the real issues are distractions from the simple truths.  Truth vs a lie.  Its been the enemy’s tactic for a long long time.  If you are in the midst of something and you can not see what is going on then ask God to bring His truth.  Pray for it.  Go straight to trusting God and His heart for you.  That He is for you, not against you.  At every root of my struggles, it is always because I wasnt trusting God with everything.

We will keep talking about this from time to time.  It will get easier.  Pretty soon you won’t even be reacting to the urgent, like….we have to do, or deal with it right now!  Even if you get kicked in the face.  Better yet you will get to where you can know that kick is coming and start to avoid the blows all together.  It takes practice.  Practice being watchful and standing in the truth.  Practice trusting God with everything!