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Jesus was a rebel.  He rebelled against religiosity.  It was the religious that He corrected, rebuked and stumped at every turn even when He let them crucify Him.  I know those statements are really going to upset some people. Mostly because the religious were the ones who knew all the scriptures but they did not know God.  Jesus was constantly trying to get us to engage our hearts while sharing the heart of God with us.

I find it strange that people act like Jesus was untouchable, unrelatable and unhuman.  If He was going to do that He would have just hovered over us in the clouds somewhere as to not get too close and to not have to sacrifice much.  But no He put skin on so He could feel like we feel, hurt like we hurt and really understand all that we have to endure in our humanity.  Again, I believe it was so that we would know that He knows what it is to be fully human.

If you have not read the book, Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldrege, I strongly recommend it.  Please do not, NOT read it because of something I just said that you might not have liked.  He does a much better job of speaking about the beauty in the humanity of Jesus.  I would hate Jennifer’s version to keep you from experiencing all that could be there for you.  We are going through it with our boys, 15, 13 and 11.  They are discovering that Jesus is able to be personable.  They are sharing with us that it makes it easier to think about having an actual relationship with Him, because He is also relational.  There is a powerful message here that all of the religious missed the first time and we have been missing it ever since.

My heart in all of this is to not be right but for all to really know Jesus.  To have relationship with the one who created us for relationship.  We were created to be loved and to love Him.  Our enemy wants to distract us from this deep and mighty truth.