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I tried to buy my husband a Hallmark Father’s Day card.  I kept finding beautiful cards that were very artistic but the words were so weak.  I could not find one that spoke of my husbands strength as a man.  Every card I found sounded good then it would say something like your gentleness, or gentle and warm ways.  Everything was whimpifying my man and diluting his strength and almost feminizing his role in our family.  Wow!  I thought it was just the church who had the tendency to dilute the calling and the strength of men.  I was really amazed.  I usually make my own card, write him a song, or something.   It has been a while since I had tried to buy him a card talking about who he is to our family.

I had to rewrite on the inside of this card I had gotten him.  I wrote…

Thank for…..

Your strength.

Walking in the strength of who you are in Christ.

Standing up for what is right and true no matter what the cost.

Choosing to fight for others even when they choose not to accept it.

Choosing to fear God more than me, my reactions and my control.

Offering our family so much security because of choosing to be a man who walks in true identity.

Seeking His kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Taking the time to stop and go be quiet with God.

Actually listening to what He has to say.

Loving your wife both gently and fiercely.

Loving your children both gently and fiercely.

Modeling what it looks like for a man to love his God.

Modeling what it looks like for a man to love a woman.

Modeling what it looks like for a man to love his children.

Modeling what it looks like for a man to be a man who has been created and called to do amazing things….and actually stepping out to do them.

Modeling what it looks like to be a warrior.

Modeling what it looks like to have sinned and seek healing and forgiveness.

Modeling what it looks like to extend grace even when everyone else chooses judgement.

Your children have gotten to see what it looks like to experience a real man, one who is not perfect but who trusts God in everything.  Who trusts in God’s forgiveness, creation, salvation, grace, and both gentle and fierce mercy.

Like I said, Hallmark has it wrong!