Hmmm…..What’s on my mind?—>The facebook box is asking<— That is a loaded question.  Well I want to know how can I help more people.  I want to know how I can tell more people what they are really worth in a world that is constantly telling them they are less than.  I want to help more people find physical freedom from pain.  I want to keep people from starving and from abuse.  I want to keep animals from starving and from abuse.  I am just me, but each person or animal that I can touch is one less person or animal on my list.  So Facebook, in answer to your question today….that is what is on my mind.

What is REALLY on your mind?  Have you quieted yourself long enough to find out?  I am not talking about surface things but really stop.  Connect with the deep part of who you are and your heart and what is true to who you REALLY are.