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Today was one of those days.  For some reason I went through phases of feeling loved and other times not.  Not by my husband, but by God.  Of course, I know He loves me.  I know that in my head but it was weird how I felt it come and go today.  Usually that means that I am getting distracted from who God says I am, or how God really sees me.

Sometimes I have to choose to receive and believe that I am loved and cherished.  It is important especially in times when I do not feel lovable.  I do not know if it is just a woman thing but I go through this from time to time.  It feels like I am waffling between the petals of a flower.  Plucking one….He loves me!  Plucking another…..He loves me not.

I have learned that even in those moments when I do not feel lovable that at the very least He calls me His daughter.  At the very most He calls me His chosen Bride.  Nothing can change that.  Nothing can change how God feels about me.  Even my own inability to believe it.

So next time you feel unlovable, or unloved just remember…..at the very least of who you are, you are the beloved son, or daughter of the King of Kings.  At the very most you are the chosen Bride to the Lord of Lords!  Nothing can change that or steal away from who you are to Him.  Not even your own inability to believe, or receive it!