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Today is September 11th, and a day I will never forget.  I gave birth to my third child, Casey.  I had two c-sections before with my first two.  Yes, I had a mid-wife in the hospital and was able to have a v-back….a natural birth.  It was also my first experience with labor, looking back I can say “Yay!”…. now.

I know lots of people are reliving a tragedy today.  But today is a day for our family and friends to celebrate God’s blessed creation in an amazing young man.  I am tired of him sharing this day every year since the age of two with death and destruction.  I am NOT at all saying those who died are not to be remembered and I know that this day is an unforgetable time in our history.  And those of you who really know me, know that I am not out to win any politically correct popularity contests.  But I hate that it feels like terrorists are still terriorizing…..they are still stealing every year on this day.  He will go to school today and the whole day will be about death, sorrow and reliving this tragedy.  I understand why but I do not have to like it.  This year I am celebrating life….I know that if it had been me who perished I would want those who lived to really live and celebrate their lives.  I am offering a different perspective on how to honor those lives.

Today, if you can not find anything to celebrate…you are invited to celebrate the life of an amazing young man named Casey.  He has the same heart of those men and women who where part of the rescue teams.  He fights for the kids who get picked on in school.  He also fights for the bullies knowing that there is a reason they act out in this way.  He is fighting terrorism but on a kids level.  He elicits a positive change in every grade, in every school he attends.  We have moved enough times for him to have touched the lives of kids in 3 different states.  He is exactly the type of guy you will find running into a burning building to save you or someone that you love.  I know that if he lost his life to save yours he would only hope that you could see the same value in your life as he could and choose to ……live…..love and celebrate life!

Take this day out of the hands of the terrorists and away from mourning, and celebrate life.  Value your life like those who lay/laid down their lives to rescue another do/did.

Happy Birthday Casey!  The day you were born is a day I will never forget.  You have blessed my life incredibly.  I am so proud of the man you are and are growing into.