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Today I was finding myself overwhelmed, irritated and just angry.  Ya there is a lot on my plate.  Ya there is a lot going on in life. I was living in my small story.  But my husband stopped me and disrupted the direction I was heading in and shared this awesome video with me.  It reminded me to Live Intentionally, Be Passionate, Love Living and just plain Enjoy…anything!  I hope you can be stirred.  Here is a woman who is not settling for fitting into any box.  She is definitely living intentionally, being passionate, loving living and enjoying.  She has inspired me today to do the same and live in my big story.  We can forget to be passionate.  We can forget to live passionately so that we can express the deeper truer parts of who we really are.  We are not just what we do for our jobs.  We are not just who we are to our family and friends.  We have been created as an expression of a beautiful, passionate and truly amazing God.  He said that He created us in His image.  Why don’t we live it?

Be inspired… Do not settle for living out your small story.  Fight for experiencing and living out your big story.  The YouTube link below is Lindsey Stirling.  Watch and be blessed.