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What would it be like if you went on a rationalization, justification and contol fast and chose to respect your husband instead? 

Choose one or all of the choices listed below

1.     What if every time your husband said anything you just agreed?

2.     What if every time your husband corrected the kids you backed him up 100% and did not change what he says at all?

3.     What if every time your husband wanted to buy something you just said, “Ok sounds great!”?

4.     What if every time your husband suggested something to you, you accepted and acted on his advice without trying to change what he said?

Let’s say you tried one or all of these for 7 days…

What would it look like for you to give up and fast control for even one day?

You know when you are preparing a speech and you practice it over and over again.  You start to take note of how many times you say “um” and “and”.  Then you concentrate really hard on not saying “um” and “and”.  It is harder than you think.  Every once in a while my boys will randomly do that to each other.  They will say, “tell me everything you know about apples but you can not say “um” or “and” once.  Even then they are tempted to go to justification about “needing” the word “and” to prove how or why they “need” to use it.

I want to challenge you to choose one or all of the above options.  Really dig in and commit to them.  Relinquish and surrender control, justification and rationalization for 7 days.  Can you commit to fighting the temptation of control so you can offer respect?  Just like noticing how many times you say “um” or “and” you will start to take note of how many times you fall to the temptation for control instead of respect.

Take 24 hrs to practice and take note of how many times you control/disrespect.  Then commit to the 7 day challenge.  I will be posting some encouragements during the week to keep you going.

Like this post if you are willing to take the challenge.  If you are a guy and you like this post we know you are cheering us all on! Thanks!