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I have the wonderful pleasure of having family in town.  Being so far from everyone this is such a great thing for our hearts.  I just wanted to touch base as the dust is settling from our 7 day challenge.  Keep in mind that as you begin to settle back into life this week everything you challenged will appear to be stronger than ever.  I want to encourage you to not give up.  What I mean by that is expect to struggle.  Expect to fail.  Expect it to be harder than ever.

Kung fu lesson ~

1.    Your enemy will come at you harder than ever but it is because you are walking closer in the fullness of your identity.

2.    Next he will make it feel like you have blown it completely.  He wants you to feel like you have made no progress…like you are starting all the way back to the beginning.   This is a lie.  Keep that truth in your sites.  God’s grace is sufficient and He is pouring it over you while you work this all out.  You do not have to rely on your ability alone.  If you make it to checkpoint 12 then God will give you opportunity to try it and try it again until you are ready to move forward to checkpoint 13.  You are not starting over at the beginning.  Do not let your enemy deceive you.

3.    As you counter these attacks and block those hits, the big double punch and kick will come at you.  You will most likely hit the ground hard.  It will be almost impossible for you to believe that you are not a controller/manipulator as being the truest thing about who you are, or that you have no other choice but to control/manipulate because no one is coming through for you.  You have the power to take that place, even flat on the ground, and take the power out of the hands of your enemy and say “your actions do not define me, nor do my own but Christ’s actions define me.  I have been bought and paid for and I am not for sale!  I am who God calls me.  I am at the very least of who I am His daughter and at the very most of who I am His Bride.  I will get up tomorrow even stronger than today.”

This should give you a few moves to counter your opponents moves against your heart and identity today.  Just like learning a new dance move or fight move, practicing makes you stronger and it gets easier.

I am going to visit with my family.  I am still praying for us all.