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In the last blog post, “An Unholy Alliance” it talks about something happening in our lives that causes a shift in who we are.  When you read that post you can not help think about many things in your life that have caused a shift.  If you read that post and merely skimmed through it I urge you to re-read it and then ask,

“God show me in my story what things happened to cause a shift in my life.  Something changed in me please show me what it is.”

This blog was going to be about ~

Why don’t we go there first and consider this possibility for others when they react, or even act out in life?

Why don’t we immediately assume that something in their story caused a shift?

But just beginning to type this out I realized it is because we have not given our own stories/hearts and/or wounds any acknowledgement.  Matter of fact we diminish our own stories so much that we almost seem to just tell ourselves to suck it up and move on.  If we disregard our own hearts then how can we expect to acknowledge someone else’s.  We will find ourselves not only having contempt for our own longings and desires but we will have even more contempt for other’s and their longings and desires.

The truth that comes to rescue us in this place is that our hearts matter to God.  He is not just concerned with us doing the right thing, or being obedient at the expense of our hearts.  Yes He came not only to beat death and sin but also (Is 61) because we were grieving and mourning….because we were captive and we needed to be set free.  Our hearts were hurting.  Our hearts matter to Him enough that was Jesus’ statement of why He was here and who we are to Him.

It does not matter if what comes to mind is…. I was beaten to a pulp, or …….in the 3rd grade someone made fun of me in front of the whole class.  You have to consider God’s heart toward you.  He is concerned with both of those senarios.  They both matter to Him whether they happened in 3rd grade, or as an adult.  Those betrayals, humiliations and/or just your feelings being hurt matter to Him.  He wants to come for you in those places just as He said in Is 61.  I usually post Is 61 in my blogs but I am not going to this time.  I really feel like you need to look it up and read it for yourself.  Put your name into the scripture.  Like it would say, “I came to grieve with Jennifer”……and so on.  Make it personal to you.  It’s already that personal to God where you are concerned.  He can not come for you in this place unless you take the time to let Him.

In that time please come to grips with how it made you feel.  It is that feeling and emotion that God wants to come to grieve with you, or to set you free from captivity.  Then those buried emotions will have less power in your life today.  Just because you have sucked it up and moved on does not mean those things are not shaping who you are today and how you react to things.  He wants heal it and set it free.

We cannot hope to extend this kind of grace to others when we have not yet received it for ourselves.  We can not extend what we do not have.

I am praying for us all in this.  Just watching the news with all the hurricane issues.  People’s lives are being shifted as we sit here.  We have to get this message so we can extend it to others.  There are more blogs that follow this but we have to soak this in first.