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The news is filled with all the tragic happennings surrounding the grade school shooting.  Whether you are watching tv, or in your car every channel touches on it at some point throughout the day.  I keep hearing about how people think we need stricter gun laws to keep things like this from happenning.  That just sounds like slapping duct tape on it for a temporary fix.  No I am not diminishing the greatness of the shooting problem.  But sometimes we complicate our own solutions.

It would not matter if the man had guns, knives, or some kind of explosives.  Some explosives can be made from household items.  What are we going to do with that?  Ban guns, knives and all the household items that someone could make a bomb with?  If criminals start using cars, are we going to stop having those?  There will always be some way for people to try to stop the pain.  This is a cry of desperation, or sickness.

The problem is not the guns.  The problem is a broken and hurting world.  How do we fix a broken and hurting world?  How do we reach and love the way Jesus loved?  How do we begin to tackle the mammoth heart ache of a fallen world?  How do we make a difference in the reason for these rampages?

I want answers just like everyone else.  I can not imagine what those families are going through.  But I hate to waste time and energy on only looking at and dealing with the symptoms.  The root of this problem is not the guns.

I also hate fear.  Fear seems to be at the root of every situation I see where “control” takes over.  We want to control so we can keep a better outcome.  I understand that but if we fight the wrong part of the battle then we are only going to get worse, or sicker.  That is what I hate.  If everyone who is up in arms about more gun control could put that energy toward helping, loving or finding understanding/answers to the real issue, then we will see better more long lasting results.

People who own guns illegally will still own guns illegally.  That won’t change.

I started writing this post last night.  This morning when I went to publish it I found this article on MSN http://now.msn.com/i-am-adam-lanzas-mother-says-mom-of-mentally-ill-son

I typically stay away from subjects like this but in light of these events and the times of this age we have to start being more aware of our enemy so we can better counter those attacks.  How easy are we making it for our enemy to take out lives and hearts of a broken and fallen world who needs Jesus if we spend our energies and focus on guns, knives, pills, explosives, planes, cars etc.

Jesus asked us to love one another.  What are you doing to love in a broken and fallen world?  How is what you are doing making a difference out in the broken and fallen places?

We need Jesus.  We are supposed to bring Him to this world through us.