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fire-heartI think something must be in the air as of late.  I have had to really concentrate to make sure that what I heard my husband say is actually what he said and not just what I heard.  Does that make sense?

It can hit me in either my wounded places, other places where I am struggling, or just get randomly filtered enough to distort what he is trying to say.  Lately I am really struggling with that.  I have to make a conscious effort to not be offended or carry around something that is not mine to carry.  I have to be extra aware that I do not put something on him that is not his either.

I know that I am not the only one who struggles with this.  For what ever reason it has been really powerful lately.  So I thought I better slip in some time and blog about it.

It reminds me of the texts on my phone.  I can either read it and think “sheesh what a jerk”, or I can stop and read the text from the perspective of this is a man who loves me and is in love with me.  That changes everything.

In order to do that I have to keep my simple truths in front of me.

1.   My God is for me not against me.

2.   His heart toward me is good.

3.   My husband is for me not against me.

4.   His heart for me is good.

5.   We both have the same enemy and it is not each other.

If there is any tension taking place in your marriage, or even your relationship with
God.  Please check and make sure that what you heard is what he (He) was really saying.