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andyI forget to say it…when really it is so simple.  I have been so overwhelmed lately by my husbands love for me and for our family.  I just love it and without out it we would be lost.  It is really such an amazing love too.

How is he going to know that he is making a difference in my life, or our kids’ lives if I do not communicate.  Half the time I know that I am just figuring he must know, but reality is that he is most likely getting beat up about it rather than feeling like he is doing a great job.

I took time today to say it.  This was my Facebook post …

I am REALLY loving and appreciating my husband today.  Thank you for going to work everyday.  I was just thinking how it might feel like a thankless job.  You have taken such good care of us over so many years.  I hope that you are never feeling like it doesn’t really matter, or that you are just a paycheck.  Of course, I love and appreciate you for many other reasons too but today realizing I do not want to take for granted a man who has not abandoned his family, financially or otherwise.  Not very many husbands go to work all day and still have real conversation with their wife and kids.  You really know us and invite us to know you. Your investment in us is priceless.  You are the best!

I hope to never leave him feeling taken for granted.  I hope that my neglect doesn’t ever add to his battle against all that tests and weighs him as a man.  I have to work at it.  I have to not forget to say it.