I guess this is where I tell you something about me.  I am just a woman who by no means has it all figured out.  But I am willing to be real, raw and vulnerable to encourage others, or be encouraged by others.  We can not make it through this life without each other.  I spent a lot of years being quiet about my life and my story.  Then I read…

Revelation 12:10-11

10Then I heard a loud voice shouting across the heavens,

   “It has come at last—
      salvation and power
   and the Kingdom of our God,
      and the authority of his Christ.[a]
   For the accuser of our brothers and sisters[b]
      has been thrown down to earth—
   the one who accuses them
      before our God day and night.
 11 And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb
      and by their testimony.
   And they did not love their lives so much
      that they were afraid to die.”

That is just fan-freaking-tastic!  I can shut the mouth of your accuser by sharing the testimony of my life by the blood of the Lamb.  You can do the same for me by sharing yours.  How could we possibly keep quiet knowing this?


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