Happy People

I have always known that the color of a persons skin has never mattered to me.  I don’t even notice.  I only see a person.  I am finding out however, I am prejudice against idiocy, cruelty, bullying, selfishness and mean/hater people.  While those are much more justifiable (in my opinion) I do not want to be prejudice.  I don’t care if you believe in God or Jesus, but I want to be like that.  I want to only see people and the beauty in their humanity.  Jesus didn’t only feed the believers.  He didn’t only speak to or heal a select group among the masses.  He certainly didn’t die for only the uncruel nice people.  God was the first one to ever advocate for freedom of choice…He gave us all a free will and still chooses to love us no matter what we choose.  He loves.  I want my first reaction to be love.  Right now it is not.
I want to look at someone and know that they have a story.  I don’t know what has happened to them in their life to shape who they are or what they believe about themselves and/or everybody else.  I don’t know why they made the decision they just made.  I know many people have judged me for things I have said or done.  What I have been through isn’t an excuse but in times of my life it has shaped how I react.  I can not say that I could make the perfect and right choice in every situation.  I do not know what someone else has lived through.  I can not begin to see through their eyes.  I can not begin to be in a place to judge or condemn them.  I want my first reaction to be love.